Professional use

Facing the growth of the EV’s world market, more and more companies see the EV as a “professional tool” wich allows to show a good image and to be connected to the future! With that in mind, DBT-CEV is offering a complete range of charging solutions for professional use.

Examples :

  • Compagnies fleet
  • technical services fleet
  • Car sharing fleet
  • Car dealers

DBT-CEV’s charging solutions recommended :

  • GNS
    – Modular and progressive
    – Customizable for your communication
  • QC DC
    – Charge 100% of compatible EV in less
    than 30 minutes
    – New generation, patented technology
    – Recommanded for fleets
  • Wallbox Plus
    – Various configurations available
    – Ground or pole mounted
    – Ideal for fleets

DBT-CEV’s charging solutions compatible :