DBT-CEV deliver its 800th Quick Charger

During Ecomobiel the Platform for sustainable mobility in Rotterdam, DBT-CEV announced the delivery of it’s 800th Quick Charger in Europe. The Northern France company own 60% of the European fast charging market. DBT-CEV is the major partner of Nissan for the deployment of a fast charging stations network all across Europe.

The program allows to connect European regions with fast charging solutions placed at strategic public locations (high traffic areas, etc.). Whether they are service stations in Italy, England or in Russia, Belgian supermarket chains in Belgium, restaurant chains in Sweden or in Austria, hotel chains in Netherlands, French parking companies, client profiles for this infrastructure vary greatly, implying a true interest in e-mobility from the whole industry.

This infrastructure allows electric vehicle users to enjoy added comfort during their commutes: indeed, EV drivers can capitalize on a larger geographic footprint with their vehicle, being able to go beyond their typical route and thus making the most of their e-mobility on a daily basis.

Developing e-mobility infrastructure for all

« By aggressively expanding the number of quick charging points across Europe, we give the opportunity to EV drivers to use their electric vehicle as any other regular car. Availability of fast charging infrastructure is key to this transition because it allows to attend electric vehicle drivers needs, for example during non-anticipated commutes. Public fast charging infrastructure represents an ideal alternative to slow or normal charging stations.”, states Hervé Borgoltz, DBT-CEV President.

You can find the full statement here