Nissan LEAF global sales reach 100,000 units !

We are glad to announce that our partner Nissan has now sold 100.000 Leaf !

A real success story for the japanese manufacturer :

“The Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle, remains the best-selling EV in history with a 45% market share.

Since its launch in December 2010 Nissan has seen the pace of sales increase consistently and 2013 was a record year. The LEAF is now available to customers in 35 countries on four continents. In Norway, the Nissan LEAF topped sales charts, out-selling conventional gasoline powered vehicles in October 2013.” says Nissan’s statement.

This is an exciting news for the development of the electric mobility all around the world and, here at DBT-CEV, we are proud to be part of this revolution !

100 000 Leaf