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DBT unveils the 1st 150 kW universal ultra-fast charging station at the Paris Motor Show

the European leader in fast-charging stations for electric vehicles, has presented a new generation of terminals, making it the first manufacturer on the continent to offer a multi-standard ultra-fast charging station.
The NG150, an innovative new charger that can deliver up to three times the output of current fast-charging stations, was unveiled by the French SME at the 2016 Paris Motor Show from Thursday 29 September. Drawing on twenty-five years of experience and expertise, this latest generation of stations is ahead of its time and market.
Responding to recent announcements by car manufacturers and their promise of even greater autonomy for tomorrow’s electric and hybrid vehicles, DBT has risen to the challenge and, from spring 2017, will deliver a new range of charging stations that are more powerful, faster, and more compatible with existing and future models alike.
Hervé Borgolz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DBT, said: “The project we presented during our IPO is now well underway and today we are pleased to be able to unveil the latest addition in a new range of flagship products that will ensure we retain our position as a front-runner on the electric vehicles market. The deployment of ever faster charging stations that are capable of recharging a battery in under 20 minutes is crucial for the development of electric vehicles. With this new range of products, DBT is able to anticipate the arrival of a new generation of electric vehicles with high-capacity batteries that guarantee more miles of range for less charging times. We are very excited to be able to present this extremely innovative product to our clients and partners.”
Chargeur 150 KW

Universal, modular energy
The NG150 supercharger can deliver up to 150 kW per vehicle or up to 50 kW to 3 vehicles at the same time. It is already compatible with all electric vehicles on the market, whatever the charging standard used: DC charging, CHAdeMO and COMBO CCS, AC alternative charging.

Developed by DBT, designed for operators and users
Capitalising on its unique experience of more than 1,800 fast-charging stations across Europe, DBT has also drawn on its expertise in managing charging infrastructures to equip the NG150 with cutting-edge functionalities:
– constantly plugged-in;
– intuitive user interface which is easy to use;
– touch screen;
– secure bank payments;
– intelligent management for charging systems.

 Remote control
DBT exploits all of the technology available to allow network managers even greater interaction with its stations, and guarantees their reliability with advanced preventative maintenance programmes:
– display of real-time performance indicators;
– remote control and updates;
– simplified maintenance;
– connected services;
– technical assistance and maintenance service managed by SERVICE DBT.

DBT worked closely with the CHAdeMO and CharIN charging associations and car manufacturers before embarking on the design of its latest range of ultra-fast charging stations to ensure the compatibility of new products with current and future models.

 Made in France
All DBT charging stations are developed and manufactured at the industrial facility in Douai in the north of France, and 95% of its industrial partners and suppliers are French or European.


The NG150 will be given an exclusive premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the Porte de Versailles from 1 to 16 October 2016.

Public works contractor for the Aube department energy board, SAG VIGILEC, chooses DBT to supply 300 semi-fast charging stations

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

300 VDK stations for the Aube department and to complete France’s nationwide network between now and 2017

Located in the Champagne Ardenne region, Aube is one of the least equipped departments in terms of public charging stations. To address the situation and pursue its policy to develop the use of electric vehicles, the SDEA  has launched a deployment plan for new infrastructure that will:
offer drivers an alternative charging solution for home-to-work journeys;
contribute to and form part of France’s national network of stations.
DBT has been selected to supply 300 public road and highway semi-fast charging stations providing 600 charging points. One of France’s leaders in the design and construction of energy networks, SAG VIGILEC has opted for DBT’s VDK solution.
The very latest charging station to be developed by the company’s design office, and specifically intended for use on public roads and highways, the VDK will be configured to offer users two charging points with household and 2S sockets that can deliver up to 22kW of power, allowing them to fully charge their electric vehicles in 2 to 3 hours, whatever the model.
The stations’ ergonomics have been designed to prevent vandalism. Their socket cases will be protected by a locking front panel, and their customised colours and labelling will match the department’s signature image to ensure they blend easily into the landscape.

Communicating stations

The stations used will also be communicating stations fitted with an intelligent system that will allow for the geolocation and online reservation of stations, the management of access and payments, and the transfer of usage data to a nationwide roaming platform, giving all users access to an electromobility service.


DBT-CEV launches a UNIVERSAL fast recharge solution, in line with the new European directive.

DBT-CEV, European leader in the charging solution field for electrical vehicles, innovates again and again : the French SME set up on the market a new universal fast charging station. This new station allows to charge all types of electric vehicles in less than 20 minutes ( against 4 to 8 hours on the less powerful stations ).

Elaborated together with the Japanese and German manufacturers, this revolutionary chargins solution is the first to meet all the European directive recommendations, announced last january, by Siim Kallas, Vice President of the European commission for transports : the standardization and the implantation on a large scale of public charges infrastructures throughout Europe in 2014.

The new charging station is fitted with the COMBO standard (Combined Charging System), standard supported by automobile manufacturers, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Porshe, Daimler, Chrysler, Ford or General Motors. CHAdeMO standard is added to this one and already existing, compatible with Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda et Subaru manufacturers.

For more information, please check the press release.

DBT-CEV deliver its 800th Quick Charger

During Ecomobiel the Platform for sustainable mobility in Rotterdam, DBT-CEV announced the delivery of it’s 800th Quick Charger in Europe. The Northern France company own 60% of the European fast charging market. DBT-CEV is the major partner of Nissan for the deployment of a fast charging stations network all across Europe.

The program allows to connect European regions with fast charging solutions placed at strategic public locations (high traffic areas, etc.). Whether they are service stations in Italy, England or in Russia, Belgian supermarket chains in Belgium, restaurant chains in Sweden or in Austria, hotel chains in Netherlands, French parking companies, client profiles for this infrastructure vary greatly, implying a true interest in e-mobility from the whole industry.

This infrastructure allows electric vehicle users to enjoy added comfort during their commutes: indeed, EV drivers can capitalize on a larger geographic footprint with their vehicle, being able to go beyond their typical route and thus making the most of their e-mobility on a daily basis.

Developing e-mobility infrastructure for all

« By aggressively expanding the number of quick charging points across Europe, we give the opportunity to EV drivers to use their electric vehicle as any other regular car. Availability of fast charging infrastructure is key to this transition because it allows to attend electric vehicle drivers needs, for example during non-anticipated commutes. Public fast charging infrastructure represents an ideal alternative to slow or normal charging stations.”, states Hervé Borgoltz, DBT-CEV President.

You can find the full statement here

DBT-CEV is looking for new distributors in Europe

DBT-CEV the leader in charging infrastructure is looking for new distributors in Europe.

Today, electric mobility is one the highest priorities for every country. DBT-CEV is expanding quickly and is searching for commercial and technical supports localy.

If you want to be part of this adventure, don’t hesitate to join us !

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