Public works contractor for the Aube department energy board, SAG VIGILEC, chooses DBT to supply 300 semi-fast charging stations

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

300 VDK stations for the Aube department and to complete France’s nationwide network between now and 2017

Located in the Champagne Ardenne region, Aube is one of the least equipped departments in terms of public charging stations. To address the situation and pursue its policy to develop the use of electric vehicles, the SDEA  has launched a deployment plan for new infrastructure that will:
offer drivers an alternative charging solution for home-to-work journeys;
contribute to and form part of France’s national network of stations.
DBT has been selected to supply 300 public road and highway semi-fast charging stations providing 600 charging points. One of France’s leaders in the design and construction of energy networks, SAG VIGILEC has opted for DBT’s VDK solution.
The very latest charging station to be developed by the company’s design office, and specifically intended for use on public roads and highways, the VDK will be configured to offer users two charging points with household and 2S sockets that can deliver up to 22kW of power, allowing them to fully charge their electric vehicles in 2 to 3 hours, whatever the model.
The stations’ ergonomics have been designed to prevent vandalism. Their socket cases will be protected by a locking front panel, and their customised colours and labelling will match the department’s signature image to ensure they blend easily into the landscape.

Communicating stations

The stations used will also be communicating stations fitted with an intelligent system that will allow for the geolocation and online reservation of stations, the management of access and payments, and the transfer of usage data to a nationwide roaming platform, giving all users access to an electromobility service.